Syngenta, ISABION® / Communications platform


ISABION is a natural bio-stimulant that revitalises plants, creating healthy crop growth and higher yields for the farmer. Launched initially in Eastern Europe, our brief working with our partners G&S, was to create a communications platform for the global launch that would express product benefits to crops and farmers.



The pulse of a healthy crop is the revitalising power of ISABION. Much like a human pulse, it gives plants the essential force needed to reach their full potential, as well as providing higher yield potential for the grower.



We created a brand essence using green and blue pulse lines to reflect the brand signature colours which cross the page in a pulsing “up and down” movement, to show the continued effectiveness of ISABION and the vigor it brings to plants and farmers. This brand expression runs through all ISABION communication pieces.



ISABION is now used across more countries and more crops. A unified global communications platform has enabled Syngenta to ensure that the same message is being used across all territories. This creates consistent storytelling and reinforces trust in the product and Syngenta brand on a global scale.