New Moleskine journals will bring out the colour in you!

Orange…. or blue…. or green… or yellow… is the new black. 


Moleskine has introduced its classic hard cover notebook in four new shades, just in time for summer! With Moleskine already being the preferred notebook by creatives when it comes to jotting down ideas, sketching up concepts or just doodling, this colourful collection is definitely a welcome addition.


Before, Moleskine covers were limited to black and red, with white being introduced in 2013. This new colour collection offers four new hues: coral orange, sapphire blue, willow green and citron yellow.


Following its classic contemporary nature, the brand has developed a palette of soft, natural colours with a hint of vibrancy. These have been carefully selected, keeping in mind the ever-changing trends of the modern world. Moleskine wanted the colours to be “fresh and vitaminic, with a slightly ethnic mood, to represent the urban tribal spirt” and this comes through with the new notebooks.


Moleskine has created a journal to match any personality, outfit or season and they have provided a cool colour chart so that you can find the perfect suit.


With colour playing such an important part in the lives of designers, illustrators and artists, it is about time creatives had some high-quality, vibrant stationary from Moleskine! What colour suits you?


Coral orange: Friendly, warm, accessible, enveloping.


Sapphire blue: Rich, vibrant, exciting, escapist, luxurious, sophisticated.


Citroen yellow: Crisp, soothing, glowing.


Willow green: Reflective, composed, understated, alluring.


At eatsleepthink we all have a different favourite, but it's safe to say that every colour will add zest to our ideas!