Matt's Inspiration

When it comes to prospective car buyers across the globe, it could be argued that the most important factor when taking the plunge to purchase a car is the design, style and appearance.

Since I was a kid, I have idolised racing cars. Now, in my twenties, I have worked towards the dream of owning my favourite car, a Ford GT. Unfortunately, this will probably never happen… but I can dream.

In my opinion, the exterior looks of a car factor in to the decision of whether it is inspiring or not. I find it fascinating to evaluate how, why and where car design draws its inspiration from. Take the new Ford GT 2017, it is clear to anyone who compares this model with the original GT40 car that the design is inspired by the original, whilst still being updated with the modern constraints and technology of car development.

Many would see this as an innovative car design, whilst still maintaining its brand heritage. 



However, is this what an aspirational new car should be doing? A question which we will never know the answer to; would Ford have been better served by creating the new GT without any reference to it’s 50 year old ancestor, creating a production car in 2017 that would be inspiring to a new car design in another 50 years time?

Here is a photo of me after a day of cleaning and polishing my Ford Focus ST.