Graywoods / Start up branding support


Adrian Graham and Deborah Lockwood joined together to form a new insolvency practice. From the outset they wanted their approach to insolvency to be different, creating a company remit built on trust and with support centered around a belief in rescuing struggling businesses, not closing them down. Our first step was to name the business, Graywoods, as a nod to the two directors and also link in growth as a visual theme.



Most perceptions of insolvency companies are that they are in it for themselves, not the best interests of the businesses they are working for. This often goes against more viable options to keep businesses afloat and turn around growth. Graywoods’ tagline, “Proud to give the right advice” tells a broader story that Graywoods’ main priority is to support and secure, built on trust and transparency.



We built an identity focusing on growth, a contrast when associated with insolvency. Times have changed and rescue and re-growth is more favourable than closure. The icon, two G’s mirrored to form a tree, allies itself with the business name and Graywoods’ growth ideology.



Shortlisted for the Sheffield Business Awards 2016, Graywoods have made several acquisitions of expert businesses in Rotherham and Huddersfield, and continues to grow based around it’s business and brand vision and values. We were Awarded Gold for the corporate identity category in the 2016 Hermes Awards.