Fairplay / Website design & marketing materials


As Fairplay reach their 25th anniversary, they wanted to revitalise their website to be more future facing, functional and have a clearer visual link to who they are as a charity and the support they provide.



Fairplay supports children and young people with disabilities and additional needs, and their families across North Derbyshire.



Working with Bluejohn Marketing, we’ve helped design and build a new Fairplay website which includes new content, imagery and a staff portal for more efficient day-to-day administration. We’ve also helped launch the Fairplay 100 Club fundraising initiative and continue to work with Fairplay, most recently on their 25th anniversary newsletter.



Now in it’s 25th year, the revitalised Fairplay brand better reflects the professional and caring support that the charity offers disabled children and their families, across North Derbyshire. By aligning the brand expression with their cause, it makes fundraising smarter, administration easier, and helps achieve the charity’s goals quicker.